Policy FAQs

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  • Do I really need Travel Insurance?

  • How do I apply for Uni-Care Insurance?

  • I am a Student, what date should my policy start and expire?

  • I am a Visitor to NZ, what date should my policy start and expire?

  • How do I renew my policy?

  • Are pre-existing medical conditions covered?

  • How do I pay for my policy?

  • What do I do if my travel plans change and I need to change my insurance?

  • Is my immigration medical and/or x-ray covered by my insurance?

  • Is pregnancy covered?

  • I have bought a car, is it covered by my insurance?

  • Are outdoor and extreme activities covered?

  • Are my household contents and carpets covered?

  • I am already in NZ; can I apply for cover now?

  • I have applied for NZ Permanent Residency but it has not been granted yet. Can I purchase a policy?

  • I will be in NZ for 12 months and will be spending 3 months studying. Can I have NZ Student cover while I am studying?

  • I have a NZ Student policy but have finished studying. I’m staying in NZ to work, what do I do?