Emergency assistance

Phone 0800 864 227 or +64 4 381 8166.

24/7 urgent assistance 

Uni-Care provides emergency assistance for policyholders, with a team of experienced medical and insurance specialists available to help travellers wherever they are in the world,

How we can help

Our emergency assistance team can be contacted any time day or night, for help with a variety of situations, including: 

  • Directing you to suitable medical facilities, monitoring progress and treatment, and keeping friends and family informed
  • Coordinating a response in the event of an emergency requiring international assistance
  • Authorising and guaranteeing payment of hospital and medical costs to healthcare providers
  • Coordinating evacuation or repatriation if it is determined this is required 
  • Helping with rescheduling travel plans when a trip is interrupted by an emergency.
  • Connecting you with local authorities or the nearest embassy if you lose your luggage, credit card, or other travel documents.

Contact us

For emergency assistance: