New Zealand Student Plan

Travel and medical insurance for international students in NZ.

New Zealand Student Plan 

Uni-Care’s NZ Student Plan provides comprehensive travel and medical insurance for international students studying in New Zealand. 

This plan covers you for unexpected medical care, theft, loss and damage of personal effects and travel disruption. You are also insured for temporary visits to your home country while studying.  

With the NZ Student Plan, you can be confident you are covered if the unexpected happens while living away from home.

Who is the Student Plan for? 

The NZ Student Plan is designed for non-New Zealand residents aged 60 years and under who temporarily live in New Zealand while studying.

When taken out for the period of your stay in New Zealand, the policy will ensure you meet Immigration New Zealand's student visa insurance requirements. 

Key benefits

An overview of the Student Plans key benefits are listed below. Terms and conditions apply so please refer to the Student Plan policy wording for full coverage.   

Medical care

If you unexpectedly become ill or suffer an injury or accident, the NZ Student Plan will pay your qualifying medical treatment costs, including diagnosis, prescriptions, surgery and hospitalisation.

There is no excess applicable to claims made under 1A (Medical and Related Expenses) and 1B (Additional Expenses)

If you contract Covid-19 or show symptoms while travelling, you are also eligible for some related expenses.   

Temporary visits home

You are covered for temporary visits up to 3 months to your Country of Origin, as well as short trips to Australia and the South Pacific.

Unexpected return home

If you become seriously ill or are seriously injured and need to return to your Country of Origin, your expenses are covered, allowing you to focus on your recovery. The policy also helps with travel costs for family members if they need to travel to New Zealand to help with your return.

It provides financial assistance if you need to return home quickly due to an unforeseen event, where an immediate family member under the age of 76 has become critically ill, injured or died.

Personal effects

Your personal effects, including luggage, are covered for theft, loss or damage to the value of $15,000.

If you have any high value items over $2,500 you want to insure, these can be included in your policy for an additional cost.  

Loss of deposit

If you are unable to take part in planned travel activities or complete your enrolled study course due to sickness or injury, you will be reimbursed for your non-refundable costs.

Personal liability

If you accidently damage someone’s property, the Plan can cover your costs and legal expenses. 

Rental vehicle excess 

In the case of loss or damage to a vehicle you have rented, you can claim up to $5,000 towards excess costs that are payable to the rental car company.

Policy wording

For full details of coverage, terms and conditions please see the NZ Student Plan Policy Wording (PDF).


Things you should know

Pre-existing conditions are not automatically covered with your Student Plan, however you can apply to have these covered once you have purchased your policy for an additional fee. We will email you an application form to be completed within 7 days. You won't have cover for any claims related to your pre-existing conditions until the application has been accepted. 

Your luggage and personal property are covered for up to $30,000, with a limit of $2,500 for individual items. This means if you have high value items above $2,500 you want insured you need to let us know about them so they can be listed on your policy. An additional premium will be payable to cover these specified items.

The limit for any specified item, set or pair of items is $5,000 with a maximum for all specified items of $30,000. 

As well as insurance for your stay in New Zealand, the NZ Student Plan covers

  • Transit for up to 9 days travelling between your country of origin and New Zealand.
  • Visits of up to 31 days  to Australia, Fiji, Cook Islands, Samoa, American Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, Niue and Vanuatu, and Bali and Lombok.

If you change from a student visa to another type of visa then your Student Plan is no longer valid. You will need to change to an NZ Visitor Plan or an Australasian Plan for the remainder of the policy period. Contact Uni-Care for further information.  

The NZ Student plan is for individuals only.

If you are planning to study in New Zealand and your family is going to come with you please contact us to discuss the Plan options that are right for you.  

In the event you need to make a claim, Uni-Care has a team here to support you, as well as emergency assistance for urgent situations. 

An excess is the amount that you must pay first for all your covered losses arising from a single event before you can claim under your policy.

An excess applies to the below sections of the policy:

  • Section 2 (Luggage and Personal Effects) where there is an excess of $200 for technology Items and $100 for other claims under section 2; and
  • Section 5 (Personal Liability) where there is an excess of $100.

When it is time to renew your NZ Student Plan, Uni-Care will contact you by email to provide information about your renewal. 

You policy may be cancelled by giving notice to Uni-Care either:

  • between the date Issued as stated on your Certificate of Insurance and the policy start date, or;
  • within 14 days of the policy start sate, providing you have not claimed.

Please refer to your policy wording for full terms and conditions related to cancellation and premium refunds.

If your need to make a change to our policy or have questions about your cover contact the Uni-Care team

Uni-Care's insurance plans are specially  designed to suit the needs of international travellers, with our emergency assistance and claims teams here to support you if the unexpected happens. 



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