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To start your claim, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 

Download a claim form 

Step 2 

Fill in the claim form providing all the details requested.

Step 3 

Attach any supporting documentation, such as receipts, invoices, medical or police reports. 

Step 4

Send your form and supporting documents to:

  • Email:
  • Post: Uni-Care Claims Service, nib nz limited, PO Box 91 630, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142.

Questions about your claim?

Please phone the Uni-Care team if you need help with your claim:

Help with medical claims

You can go to the nearest medical centre to see a General Practitioner (GP).

If you need to see a specialist, you must see a GP first to get a medical referral to a specialist.

Not every medical condition is covered by Uni-Care's plans. If you want to check you will be covered before you visit a doctor please contact our claims team at

You do not need to call us if you are admitted to the hospital in an emergency. However if your hospital stay is longer than 24 hours you will need to contact us. 

We recommend you seek pre-approval for planned surgery or medical care over $1,000 prior to incurring expenses to understand what is covered under your policy.

To apply for a pre-approval, please send your completed claim form, medical notes and estimated costs to

Our claims team will contact you to with the outcome of your application including any policy limits, terms or conditions.

In case of emergency   

For urgent assistance contact the  Uni-Care Emergency Assistance team.  

Emergency assistance