NZ Visitor Plan

For travellers visiting, working or temporarily residing in New Zealand

The NZ Visitor Plan protects travellers who are visiting, working or temporarily residing in New Zealand.

Uni-Care’s NZ Visitor Plan policy is designed to protect visitors to New Zealand and their families against unexpected events and the costs that accompany them. The policy provides cover for non New Zealand residents aged 65 years or under who Travel to visit, work and temporarily reside in New Zealand. Cover is not provided for manual or dangerous work or Hazardous leisure pursuits.

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Things You Should Know

+ Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are not automatically covered. Cover may be granted upon application – if you have a pre-existing medical condition please make sure you provide full details in your online application. If you have already applied for your policy but the policy has not started yet, and become aware of a pre-existing medical condition please complete a Medical Declaration online to enquire about obtaining cover.

+ High Value Items Need to be Specified

Your luggage is covered for up to $30,000 in total but individual items, sets, or pairs of items are limited to $2,500 for each individual item, set, or pair of items unless the items are specified and additional premium is paid.

+ Where will I be covered?

NZ Visitor Plan has been designed to cover you from the date you leave home for New Zealand until you return to your country of origin. If you plan on visiting Australia then you will need to upgrade to an Australasian Plan for the period of cover you require.

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+ NZ Visitor Plan Cover Summary

Insurance is about protecting you from the unexpected. Uni-Care has been protecting visitors to New Zealand who come to work, visit or temporarily reside for more than 20 years. NZ Visitor Plan is designed to help when things go wrong a long way from home.

Please refer to the policy document for full terms and conditions of this cover.

Medical Care

If you unexpectedly become ill, or suffer an accident or injury, you won’t have to worry about paying for your qualifying medical care. NZ Visitor Plan will pay your qualifying medical costs.

Unexpected Return Home

If you were to suffer a serious injury or illness and needed to go home then NZ Visitor Plan would help by taking care of the costly expenses involved, allowing you and your family to focus on your recovery. If one of your immediate family suffered a critical illness or injury or died then the policy would also help get you home quickly.

Loss of Deposits

If illness or injury means you are unable to take part in planned travel activities the policy would reimburse your non-refundable loss.


NZ Student Plan covers your personal effects for loss or damage to $30,000 but individual items, sets, or pairs of items are limited to $2,500 for each individual item, set, or pair of items unless the items are specified.

Personal Liability

If you accidentally damage property belonging to someone else then tell us what has happened and let us manage negotiations and costs with the other party or their insurer.

Rental Car Excess

Rental car excesses can be costly – you can claim up to $5,000 liability for rental car excess payment.